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I Did!

Nurses Helping Nurses  mission is  to provide an avenue for nurses to reach back and lift our fellow nurses up through encouragement and empowerment motivating them to completion of a goal of success as a nurse.


The first of many scholarships to come is the Washington-Nixon Nursing Scholarship founded by Ms. LeShea Washington-Nixon, MSN, RN.

Ms. Nixon is a BSN alumni of Prairie View A&M and a MSN alumni of Loyola University--New Orleans.  She was motivated to create such an opportunity for single mothers who are matriculating through an accredited nursing program. Being a single mother herself while in nursing school, Ms. Nixon faced many financial struggles while attending nursing school and supporting her two children, but managed to maintained all focus on her education and her children. This decision left Ms. Nixon with a large amount of debt which she has successfully paid off.

The “Washington-Nixon Nursing Scholarship” will assist students financially while marching into the nursing profession. This fund will  also contribute to decreasing the nursing shortage in the Houston and surrounding areas as these ladies enter the workforce of nursing.  


The healthcare industry is prominent in Houston with 6 top National ranking facilities in our Texas Medical Center, so any change in the healthcare industry will affect our metropolitan area. The nursing shortage countrywide has a profound affect on Houston’s hospitals and doctors offices as the population increases and new initiatives are being introduced. The American Nurses Association estimates the shortage of registered nurses to reach a high of 800,000. The Institute of Medicine calls for 80% of

 nurses to have a minimum of a BSN by 2020. This

means we will need approximately 640,000 registered

nurses nationwide in order  to reach the 80% goal. It's my goal to help our country.

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